2301, 2019

Greece: the place to be, all year round

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A perfect stay in a wonderful place, a tasty Mediterranean cuisine, a rich cultural heritage and traditions to discover: why to enjoy all this only during the summertime? Greece offers its treasures in every season of the year, transforming your life or your holiday here in an unexpectedly pleasant experience!

901, 2019

More routes bring to Greece

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The continuous commitment for the support of tourism in Greece translates also into the country’s airport network development and the incentives for new air routes. An example is the promotion of the winter season flights, making even more convenient reaching many Greek destinations.

1412, 2018

Realty opportunities to seize

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More and more foreign investors are attracted by the Greek real estate market, and the trend is constantly growing. In 2017, Chinese buyers were the first in terms of inquiries and transactions, with 258 million € properties purchased. A lot of these buyers also applied for a golden visa (permanent residence permit), with an increase on demand that regards all no-EU foreigners.

812, 2018

Cyprus – a top investment hotspot

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A stable legal environment, a competitive legislative and regulatory regime and the world’s best practices and financial tools: Cyprus is quickly becoming a prominent player in Europe, attracting investment funds and companies thanks to its very business-friendly jurisdiction.

2111, 2018

Among the best

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According to the renowned Mercer’s annual “Quality of Living Ranking”, in 2018 Athens and Limassol are in the Top 100 Best Cities to live in. It is no surprise, since both cities feature a superb climate, support a healthy lifestyle and offer an active cultural environment.

1311, 2018

The healthy taste you crave

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Not only the Greek cuisine is a highly representative of the renowned healthy Mediterranean diet, but it is exceptionally variegated and tasty. Discover the pleasure of fresh local ingredients and ancient cooking methods for the benefit of a happier and longer life!

1910, 2018

New options for the Greece golden visa

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A plan draft to expand the possibility to obtain a Greek golden visa has been recently presented by Greece’s Minister of the Economy, Stergios Pitsiorlas. New options would include a 400000 EUR investment in debt or equity with real estate investment companies, or alternatively a 400000 EUR term deposit in a Greek bank;