The continuous commitment for the support of tourism in Greece translates also into the country’s airport network development and the incentives for new air routes. An example is the promotion of the winter season flights, making even more convenient reaching many Greek destinations.

Started in the end of 2018, a 50% discount on airport charges is applied for the winter season, significantly contributing to attract travellers during this season. 14 airports are involved in this programme, making possible to visit incredible places out of the main tourist paths.


As reported by Fraport Greece’s Executive Director of Commercial and Business Development, Mr. George Vilos, “We are confident that this incentive will assist in the increase of passenger traffic in the winter months as well as to the extension of the tourist season.” In 2017, official data report that all Greece airports handled 291˙237 international flights., with more than 41 million passengers involved.

source: Fraport Greece