A perfect stay in a wonderful place, a tasty Mediterranean cuisine, a rich cultural heritage and traditions to discover: why to enjoy all this only during the summertime? Greece offers its treasures in every season of the year, transforming your life or your holiday here in an unexpectedly pleasant experience!

The country presents an extensive variety of microclimates and landscapes that offer the occasion to experience the beauty and the diversity of different regions. Sports, entertainment activities, food, traditions change following the succession of the seasons. For instance, you can find yourself skiing on Mount Parnassos in winter, then water-skiing over clear waters along the Lagonisi beach in summer: all this is just so close to Athens!

While all islands give their best in the summertime, spring is a fantastic season to visit also regions like the Peloponnese, where mountains are never far from the seaside wherever you move around. Here you can taste top-quality wines, olive oil and all sort of fresh vegetables and fruits. The colours of the fall are incredible in Macedonia: you can visit Thessaloniki and its rich cultural heritage and great cuisine, moving to the near Mount Chortiatis to enjoy beautiful, peaceful walks in its woods. There is so much to explore, all year round!

source: Greek National Tourism Organisation