Greece Golden Visa Programme

The Golden Visa Programme presented by the Hellenic Republic gives you and your family (your spouse, your unmarried dependent children up to age 21 and the dependent parents of you and your spouse) the right to live and set up a business in Greece, through the issuance of a Permanent Residence Permit (PRP). Besides, you can travel to all countries of the EU Schengen zone, for up to 90 days in each 6 months period.
The PRP is valid for 5 years and can be renewed, under the condition that you still own the property, or you retain the financial investment you have made.

Greece is a fabulous country to live in: you can discover various landscapes ranging from astonishing beaches to green mountains, an exceptional sunny weather for more than 300 days per year, a healthy and tasty Mediterranean cuisine, a magnificent cultural heritage and fascinating traditions.

Moreover, you can reach from Greece all major cities in Europe, North Africa and Middle East in few hours.

You and your family can enjoy all this and much more thanks to your golden visa.

Greece offers an advanced healthcare, a versatile educational system and a lifestyle among the best in Europe.

Currently, there are two main options available in order to acquire the Permanent Residence Permit (PRP): one is related to the purchase of a real estate property, the other is related to the investment in financial assets strictly connected to the Greek economy.

Where do we start from? Take 3 easy steps!

The real estate option



First, you need a clear criminal record, a valid visa for Greece and a medical insurance to cover any stay in the country. You will come for visit to meet us, discuss about your investment and open a bank account. Please note that you are not required to live in Greece prior or during the application, or even after residency has been granted.


To apply for and obtain a golden visa in Greece, you need to acquire a residential or commercial property with a minimum net value of 250,000 EUR. We find the property that best suits your needs, since we search for it based on your specific requirements among all existing estate available in Greece. During you first visit, we can view together the properties that you are more interested in.


Eventually, you can apply for the PRP: you will enter the country with a valid visa for a second visit, in order to provide your biometric data and signature. We take care for you of the entire application process, including conveyancing and legal work for the property, communication and document management. During the application, you will be already granted a temporary residence permit, which enables you to immediately enjoy all the benefits of the PRP (valid for one year). When ready, we will send you your permanent residence permit.

The financial option


To apply for and obtain a golden visa in Greece, you need to invest in one of the eight proposed financial solutions, for a value of 400,000 EUR or 800,000 EUR. This investment is retained for the PRP to be valid and a proof of the retention must be provided every year. The investment options include Greek State bonds, bonds or shares of Greek companies, time deposit in a Greek bank, stocks or corporate bonds in the Greek capital market. Thanks to our in-house business advisory unit, we leverage our expertise and knowledge of the market to propose you the solution that fits your needs.


Within one year from the made investment, you first apply for a valid D type visa (national long-term visa) for Greece. You also need to collect required supporting documents related to your investment to present them along with the application.


The Greek consular authority of your residence country, within 2 months from the reception of the documents, issues the type D visa and you can apply for the PRP: we guide you through the entire application process, including legal work, communications and document management. Please note that you are not required to live in Greece prior or during the application, or even after residency has been granted.

These options are available also for legal entities (corporate investments).
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