Cyprus Investment Programme

The Cyprus Investment Programme presented by the Republic of Cyprus gives to you and your family the right to live, study and work not only in Cyprus, but in all the 28 European Union member States, thanks to the issuance of the Cyprus citizenship. Besides, you can travel to more than 150 countries in the world without need for a visa.

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Cyprus is a captivating island, where the beauty of a diverse and generous nature meets the historical heritage of the various civilizations that have settled there throughout the centuries: from Persian, Greek, Egyptian and Roman to Frank, Venetian, Ottoman and British.

Moreover, Cyprus is an attractive financial and fiscal centre, due to its favourable tax regime and its geographical location, which allows to quickly reach important cities in Europe, Middle East and Africa in few hours.

You and your family can enjoy all this and much more thanks to your Cyprus citizenship. The country offers a high standard of living, including personal safety, political stability, access to reputable medical facilities and to state and private schools.

Where do we start from? Take 3 easy steps!


To apply for the Cypriot citizenship and passport, you need to have invested in the purchase or construction of residential or commercial properties (including a housing unit never used for the purpose of acquiring the Cypriot citizenship, with a net value of 500,000 EUR) with a total minimum net value of 2 million EUR. We find the property that best suits your needs, since we search for it based on your specific requirements among all existing estate available in Cyprus. In alternative, it is possible to invest in a mixed portfolio of real estate and financial assets, for a total amount of 2,5 million EUR (including a residential estate with minimum purchase price of 500,000 EUR). In both cases, the investment may be reduced after 5 years to 500,000 EUR (corresponding to the residential estate, which must be kept for life).


We will proceed with the application to obtain the citizenship: for this, you will make a short visit in Cyprus to provide your biometrics data and signature, required for the application for a residence permit (immigration permit), which will be hold at least for 6 months before the naturalization can occur. The requirements include a clear criminal record and a valid Schengen visa (if required based on the country of origin).


After 6 months from the acquisition of the residence permit, the naturalization as a Cypriot citizen can take place: from the beginning of the process to the delivery of the passport, we take care of the entire application process for you, regardless of the investment option chosen, accompanying you and your qualifying family members in every step.

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